App Updates in the Kids Category

When parents visit the Kids category on the App Store, they expect the apps they find will protect their children’s data, provide only age-appropriate content, and require a parental gate in order to link out of the app, request permissions, or present purchasing opportunities. It’s critical that no personally identifiable information or device information be transmitted to third parties, and that advertisements are human-reviewed for age appropriateness in order to be displayed.Guideline 1.3 and guideline 5.1.4 detail important rules related to apps in the Kids category and we’ve been working with some developers of existing apps to assist them in the transition to full compliance with this important guideline.All new apps must follow these guidelines, and we urge you to update your existing apps as soon as possible. If your existing app requires more time to implement these guidelines, we’ve provided an additional six months, until March 3, 2020, to bring it into full compliance.